All Blackberry Smiley Symbols


:) smile
;) wink
:( sad
:O surprised
>:O angry
:-p tongue out
:D big smile
B-) cool
:’( crying
:x lips are sealed
:s confused
:$ embarrassed
:* kiss
:/ huh?
<3 heart
(y) yes (thumbs up)
(n) no (thumbs down)
:& sick
:> sarcastic
=D laughing
<3<3 love struck
;;) eyelashes
/:) raised eyebrow
#:-s whew!
:I straight face
({}) big hug
>:/ talk to the hand
*…* waiting
\=D/ dancing
(*) gold star
X_X can’t watch
=-c call me
=)] on the phone
>=) devil
<=-P party
8-I eyes rolling
=-? thinking
(=I yawn
*nerd* nerd
O:) angel
*beer* beer
~o) coffee
3-I not interested